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At the begining, Vahid Restaurant was coffeeshop and then became popular with Romika ice cream ,it has a great reputation among youth and it is good for gatherings and talking to friends meanwhile eating ice cream or varied drinks.

The restaurant section later added to this space.

It has made significant progress in recent years and today is one of the most famous restaurant in Tabriz .

In tabriz ,kebab is yummy and famous dish and tabriz city has the long standing reputation for having the best kebab and high quality food.

At first ,tender and juicycis served as an appetizer.

Main food is minced kebab or barg kebab .

Different Kind of soups ,aushes, salads,rice,kebabs or rices and koofte tabrizi (meatball)are also on the menu.

They also have turkish dedicated chef for doner kebab!