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covid 19 vaccination schedule in Iran

Vaccination against Covid-19 in Iran was started in February with top priorities. Luckily a large number of vaccinations were done throughout the country before Nowruz. All organs are still ready to proceed with the vaccination schedule. First groups of people for vaccination were doctors, nurses and other medical staff working at intensive care units of the hospitals. Then gradually was carried out to vaccinate high-risk groups such as people with rare diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases and elderly around 80.

Hopefully we are going to have vaccination for all age groups soon in near future.

As soon as being announced about general phase, Iranians can search “vaccination center near me for covid19” and do the registration.

Due to the large population of Iran, it is predicted that most of Iranians will be vaccinated in next few months.

Fortunately, most of Iranians are interested and ready for getting coronavirus vaccine.



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