travel to iran


To arrive in Iran you can choose different modes of transportation depending on your starting point.


As you arrive you could get around to different cities by an extensive network of reliable domestic flights which are budget and quite safe. There are few of Iranian airlines that you can choose your seat from. For instance Iran Air (which is the national flag of Iran), Mahan Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Zagros Airlines and etc.



Another way to get around different cities is bus. There are two kinds of bus that transport you from one city to another: Ordinary buses and first class buses (well-known as VIP buses).

Actually the first one is suitable for short distances less than five hours, but the second one which is highly recommended would be the best choice. VIP buses enjoy 25 half-bed seats that are far more comfortable. Buses that are in charge of transporting in Iran are usually from these brands Volvo and Scania.


Public Transportation

Once you are inside the city, the public transportation in big cities are available in cheap price for everyone. Intercity Taxis (well-known as Savari) are widely available in big and small cities. These types of taxis are usually yellow and can be found anywhere like bus terminals or at the main squares of cities and all streets.

In Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, and some other cities, you can find a subway system, with high quality and great price. In Tehran using subway is highly logical as it is the largest and the most populated cities of Iran. But be careful avoid using metro in rush hours! Buses are available in cities as well, but it is not recommended as it would be so time-consuming and complicating or you may get off on the wrong station.



One of the best transportation applications to get to the hotel from airport or to move across the cities is Snapp(similar to Uber) which is quite comfortable, user-friendly, cheap and has great support services.


Overall, if you travel to Iran with Persiana Travel and Tourism Agency, all these services will be planned in advance for you.