When it comes to food most of us want to taste all those new foods, local foods and traditional dished all around the world. If you enjoy cooking, eating or other aspects of food and really into food tourism try Iranian foods that are reach and full of flavors.

Persian foods are so well-done, nutritious, delicious and come in all sorts of varieties from foods that are strictly made of vegetables to those that are pure meat.

The vital component of Iranian foods is rice. Iranian rice cooking method includes three primary procedures that are called: polow, chelow and kateh. Chelow is plain rice that is served with stew or kebab. Polo is rice which is mixed with something like barberries, lentils etc. And when rice is cooked until the water is absorbed completely, it is called kateh.



Here it is some famous stews and kebabs which are served with chelow


Ghorme sabzi stew (Fresh herb stew)

This scrumptious stew considered to be national dish of Iran. It is a stew prepared with mixture of fried fresh herbs, beans, lamb or beef. What give this stew such a unique taste is black lime or Persian lime. It is a must-eat food


Fesenjoon (Walnut stew)

This wonder of Persian cuisine has different recipes among Iranian. It has silky texture of walnut with sweet and sour taste of pomegranate. It is made by chicken or meat


Gheimeh (Yellow split peas stew)

Gheimeh which means finely minced meat is the most favorite stew among Iranian. It is made with split peas and finely chopped meat and it is topped with fried potatoes in thin slices.


Bademjoon stew (Eggplant stew)

It is prepared with eggplants as well as lamb or beef. Like a number of stews in Iran an acidic ingredient like sour grapes or dried limbs are added to create a unique blend of flavors.



Kebabs mostly served with steamed saffron rice or bread


Koobideh kebab (Minced meat kebab)

Koobideh kebab are the most juicy and tasty Iranian ground meat kebabs ever. Ground meat, ground lamb, grated onions are the minimal ingredients. They are shaped on wide skewers then grilled to perfection. It is mostly served with grilled tomatoes


Joojeh kebab(Chicken kebab)

Succulent chicken kebabs marinated with different ingredients but the most common are aromatic and tangy lemon, yogurt and some fresh herbs. You won't believe how easy and delicious these skewers are


Barg kebab

This scrumptious kebab is like sirloin steak and consists of pieces of lamb or beef. It usually employs fillets which are cut into strips and marinated before they are skewered and grilled


Shishlik kebab

Which means skewered lamb shops and serve in five to six pieces.

It is very well-known kebab especially central Asia and Europe. In Iran it is served in large parts of lamb and grilled pepper and tomato

Kebab Bolghari or Negin

It is a combination of joojeh kebab (Chicken Kebab) and barg kebab

It is a good choice for those who want to try two types of kebabs simultaneously

Kebab Soltani

It is also a mixed kebab which is combination of one skewer of barg kebab and koobideh kebab


Vaziri kebab

It is another mixed famous kebab. That's combination of joojeh kebab (Chicken Kebab) and koobideh kebab

-Chenjeh kebab

It is sliced meat of lamb which is flavored by lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper



Kashk bademjan(Eggplant and walnut dip)

It is a combination of two main ingredients: drained sour yogurt (Kashk) and fried eggplant. Dried mint, Minced garlic and fried onion are other ingredients



It is a golden-brown crispy crust at the bottom of the steamed Persian rice. It can be a layer of bread, rice, mixture of rice and saffron and thin slices of peeled potatoes. It is the best part of rice; you could not find any person who doesn't like this



Persian dolma(Stuffed grape leaves)

It is a great appetizer. The grape leaves are filled with rice, meat, split peas, herbs and pomegranate paste with wonderful sweet and sour combination.


Dizi or abgoosht (Meat broth)

It is a kind of traditional Persian stew. Abgoosht is a hearty soup or juicy stew which is undoubtedly the most favorite dishes among Iranian. Abgoosht is also called dizi which is referred to the traditional stone pitcher. Ingredients of this nutritious and flavory dish are lamb, white beans, chickpeas, onions, potatoes. It is served in different ways:

1.solid ingredients are separated and are served with bread

2.The broth is mixed with little sliced bread

3.All solid ingredients are mashed together and produce a soft paste. it is served with bread as well.

Try this unforgettable dish in Iran.



Ash or aush is a Persian thick soup that is cooked with different ingredients and the recipes of ashes are vibrant and veggie heavy. They are the best choices for vegetarians as they are mostly made by vegetables and legumes.


Ash-e Reshteh (Persian vegan noodle soup)

This is one of the main dishes of Nowruz. Ash reshteh's flavor is defined by two uniquely Persian ingredients: reshteh(thin noodles) and kashk(a dairy product that made from cooked yogurt). different herbs and some legumes such as chick peas, black eye beans are used as well. It is topped with fried onion, mixture of dried mint with oil, kashk.



Ash-e doogh(Sour Yogurt soup)

Doogh is the persian word of sour and yogurt drink which is originated from Adrabil. Peas, rice, garlic, doogh and vegetarians are the main ingredients


Ash-e Anar(Pomegranate Persian thick soup)

For those of you who love sweet, tart and savory mixed together this ash is highly recommended.

Ingredients are pomegranate, rice, split peas, herbs, minced meat or meatballs. This hearty ash mostly served in yalda's night (a famous Iranian festival)



Ash-e Shalgham(Persian Turnip nip soup)

This wholesome and wonderful ash is the best cold remedy in cold winter because it is highly boosting the immune system. Root vegetable like Turnips, grains, mush beans, lentils, rice are the ingredients


Ash-e shole ghalamkar

This is another savoring Persian ash that most iranians make in Ramadan (the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture) when Muslims go fast.

Beans, peas, lentils, rice, onion, vegetables, aromatic herbs, garlic, kashk(drained sour yogurt) are the ingredients. Cooking this ash is so demanding and time-consuming, it takes at least two hours to get ready.



Polow is rice that mixed with various ingredients like herbs, vegetables and meats, here it is some famous polows


Zereshk polow(Rice with barberries)

Zereshk polo with chiken is undoubtedly the most common Persian meal for any occasion. It is made by barberries (zereshk), chicken, rice and saffron. Some folks folk layer the rice with barberries and steam them together while others make chelow and add the zereshk a top.


Morasah polow(Jeweled rice)

It is one of the most delicious dishes among Iranian cuisines.it has wide range of colors and flavors. Barberries, strand candied oranges peel, pistachios, almonds, golden raisins, carrots, saffron, spices and rice. It is mostly served on a big round copper tray.


Baghali polow(Persian dill and Broad bean rice)

This palatable food is usually served at parties.it is the mixture of dill and fava bean and served with lamb necked, minced meat and tender lamb shanks


Adas polow(Persian lentil rice)

It is a very nutritious Iranian dish which is mostly served in dinner for family gathering. As its name suggest, it is made by lentil rice and raisins with chicken or minced meat.


 Loobia polow(Persian lamb and green bean rice)

As It is obvious from its name, it requires green beans and rice with meat (mostly tender lamb). this is one of those quick, comforting and sporous dishes.

Tahchin-e morq(Backed rice with chicken)

It is a savory rice cake that can be prepared with chicken, meat or veggies especially eggplant. It is layers of saffron rice with yogurt-marinated chickens between and a crispy golden crust which topped with mixture of pistachios and barberries.