The Best Persian Food in Semnan Province

The local foods of Semnan are divided into three categories of breads, local dishes, and meat or rice dishes. These categories are affected by the geographical conditions. In fact, since water plays a vital role in this region, foods such as local soups are found in abundance. Because in this way, farmers and ranchers could supply the water they needed in the hot days in the desert. Besides, adding spicy spices and red meat to the food provided enough energy for the body of these hardworking people.

It is interesting to know that the lack of water resources and the weather conditions of Semnan have caused agricultural production to be different from other parts of the country. For example, the garlic and peppers grown in this area are spicier and give stronger flavors to foods due to less irrigation. With these words, the desert and hot and dry climate of Semnan has had a significant impact on cooking food. So, these people have to cook traditional foods in copper pot, using animal oils, relatively spicy and hot spices, breads and dairy products.
Don’t miss this article to learn more about all kinds of traditional Semnan dishes.

Khoreshte Gerdou Sfenaj

Khoreshte Gerdou Sfenaj

Khoreshte Gerdou Sfenaj or Spinach walnut stew is one of the special stews of Semnan and Damghan city. This dish has a sweet base, so it is better to use sweet pomegranate paste.

Walnuts are also known as “brain food” and this is not only because of its resemblance to brain, but also because of its abundant omega-3. We need omega-3 for the brain to function properly. Spinach is a nutritious vegetable with dark colored leaves. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals. So, this dish is nutritious source that is recommended to add in your food list.

Walnuts, spinach, meat, pomegranate paste, onion, oil, salt, turmeric, pepper are the ingredients of this food. This stew is served with steamed rice or chelow.

Khalal Polo

Khalal Polo

Khalal Polo is one of the traditional Iranian dishes that is very popular in Semnan and Damghan. Khalal means different kinds of sliced nuts so this food is a mixture of different sliced nuts and rice. The traditional diet of Semnan province has a favorable nutritional value due to the presence of various and delicious foods. This dish is also very tasty and nutritious, and as its name suggests, it is prepared from a variety of sliced nuts. You can prepare this traditional Iranian rice with meat or minced meat and chicken like other dishes.

The ingredients are rice, chicken breast, sliced ​​almond, sliced pistachio. sliced peels of orange, sliced carrot, onion, sugar 3 g of food, rose water, saffron, salt, black pepper and turmeric.
If you like Polo you could add this food in your weekly list and be sure that you will like its taste.

Ashe Goje Farangi

Ashe Goje Franagi or Tomato Ash is one of the delicious Iranian soups. Tomato soup is cooked in different ways and has a different name in each city. Tomato soup is very similar to Abghora soup, but the difference is that more tomatoes are used in tomato soup.

To cook this traditional Ash, you need these ingredients: rice, tomato paste 5 tomatoes, chickpeas, cob, onion, chicken breast, unripe apricot, parsley, tail, salt, pepper and turmeric.

Tak Polo

Tak Polo

Another traditional food of Semnan is Tak Polo. If you like to diversify your diet and try different Iranian dishes, Tak Polo is a good choice. This delicious mixed polo has a good taste and is usually served with chicken. Local people eat this dish especially for their dinner or breakfast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Talk means grape trees garden and Polo means Steamed rice in Persian. This delicious Iranian dish is cooked with the main ingredients of rice and grape leaf. So, that’s why it is called Talk Polo. In fact, local people believe that the main dish of Tak Polo is only with these 2 main ingredients, rice and grape leaves. Because they cook the chicken fillets separately and serve them with Tak Polo.

This food is made by rice, grape leaves, chicken fillet, onion, oil, turmeric, mustard powder, soy sauce, saffron and spices.

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