The Best Persian Food in Zahedan

In this article, we will introduce the local dishes of Zahedan and see what dishes the people of this region decorate their table with. We will introduce you to the types of traditional foods of Zahedan that you know what to prioritize during your trip to this region. To get to know all these, follow us in the next article.

Although the province of Sistan Baluchistan is adjacent to the countries of Pakistan and India, the most famous dishes of Zahedan (center of the province) do not resemble Pakistani or Indian dishes.

The people of Zahedan, due to their rich local ethnic culture, have been preparing their food through agricultural and livestock resources for years. This has led to the formation of various organic, healthy and nutritious foods such as yellow curd. The most delicious dishes of Zahedan, due to the prevalence of animal husbandry in the region, mostly consist of meat. After meat, dates play a central role in their food.

In this region, since it was known as Iran’s granary in the past, people use more of this type of food in their meals and dishes. On the other hand, watery dishes are also very popular in this city.

The local foods of this city are unique from the combination of raw materials to the use of spices and cooking method. This feature can create a different food tourism for every traveler.



Tanorche is definitely one of the most famous dishes of Zahedan which is a cooking mutton in a special way. Tanor means tandoor in Persian and this food is prepared in tandoor. As its name suggests, it is a food that is cooked in the oven or tandoor. There are two ways to cook it.
In the first method, large pieces of mutton are skewered. After slaughtering the sheep, the meat is divided into large pieces and put into skewers made of palm wood.

Then local people put the skewers in an oven where the coals are hot. If they want to have juicy and so-called steamed barbecue, they put a container of water in the oven on the coals and arrange the skewers standing around the container. The oven door is closed and covered with straw. These ovens, like many ovens, have air flow from the bottom. In this case, it takes between 45 minutes and one hour to cook.

In the second method, a whole sheep is slaughtered, cleaned and its stomach is emptied. (The sheep should be the size of the oven) then its hands, feet and belly are closed and placed in the oven hanging. Next, they close the oven door completely and allow it to cook completely for one hour. Tanorche is usually eaten with plain bread or steamed rice.



Another famous and popular food of Zahedan is Karahi. Karahi is a traditional Pakistani, Indian and Balochi curry with a thick tomato-based sauce that is made in a deep and thick pan named Karahi.

To prepare this delicious and highly spiced food, you need meat (lamb, mutton, veal, shrimp, fish or chicken), ginger, garlic, tomatoes. You also need spices such as coriander seeds, gram masala, salt, cumin, red chili powder, turmeric, black pepper and sometimes onion.

Karahi is usually served with garlic bread or oil bread, Indian roti bread, chapati, pita or rice along with salad, Indian raita seasoning (consisting of yogurt, mint, garlic and cucumber) and vegetables. The taste of this food is very delicious and exciting due to the use of various spices. Making this food is similar to the version of it in India and Pakistan.

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