Travel to Iran

Iran is the land of legends and literature,pure and dazzling natural attractions. Iran has been a popular destination for people all around the world. Many travel to iran to experience iran’s rich culture, colorful history,countless monuments and delicious foods. In the following you will become more acquainted with this amzing country.

History of iran

History of iran

Iran is a country with a great history which dates back to 100,000 B.C. ,where some ethnic group lived on the Iranian plateu.

Persian empires

Achaemanid empire,also called the First Persian Empire ,was an ancient Iranian empire founded by the cyrus the great in 550-330B.C. Parthian empire,also called Arcasid empire(247-224 B.C.) was the major persian political power in ancient Iran. Parthian art includes vassals ,independent nobleman,dwellers. The first coin were made in parthian period.

Sassanid empire (224-651 A.D.) officially known as empire of iranians that was established by Ardeshir I. Sassanians Iranian art are mostly rock sculpture carved on limestone cliffs for instance Bishapor,Naghsh e rajab, Naghshe-e rostam.
The Zoroastrianism became the state religion.

Islamic period (651 C.E to the Present) The arab invasion to iran made a big change in art, histoy ,and Architecture. The religion changed to islam and all the fire temples of zoroastarian displaced with mosques.

Iran Weather

Due to the large size of iran there are great variety of weather condition across the country.

Best time to visit Iran

Iran is country to fall in love with its great history and architecture ,pure nature ,serene deserts , green jungles. But it depends on the purpose you have you can experience the diversity weather in Iran. Iran is four-season country it means while the north is covered with snow ,you can enjoy the clement weather in the south. The best time to visit iran is March-May or September-October. During these time everything is ideal like weather ,tempreture.

There are also some special costums and rituals such as chaharshanbe soori ,nowrooz ,And Golab giri.

Highly recommend places to visit

Highly recommend places to visit


The Capital of Achamenid Empire located in Fars province.

Naghshe Jahan

The most beautiful square in Isfahan.

Golestan Palace

One of the oldest governmental monuments in the core of Tehran.

Shahdad desert

The hottest place on the earth in Kerman.

Iranian cuisine

Iranian cuisine is the most striking dishes in the world.

The ingredients mostly are rice,meat,and Salad. The persian food mostly served with side dishes such as pickles yoghurt fresh herbs.
While traveling to iran you will be delighted by the wide range of foods.

Persian foods

Persian foods

Ghormeh sabzi

It is vegetable stew that most of Iranian love it. It is made of white rice , meat ,vegetables and Balck eyed beans.

Fesenjan stew

Pomogrant stew is one of the ancient dishes that has a long history. Some main component of fesenjan stew are pomegranates poulty meat and walnuts which are shown up in empire´s kitchen bas relief in Persepolis.

Khoroshe bademjon (Eggplant stew)

It is a red and golden stew that is made of eggplant with turmeric sause . It is one of the most famous iraninan dish.

Zereshk polo (Barberry rice)

Iranian love sour and sweet flavors. The main ingredients is chicken and it served with barberry rice.

Is it safe to travel to Iran

You might heard from media that is it unsafe to travel to iran but there are some essays of other tourist from all over the world who have been to iran before and nothing happened to them. While you travel to Iran you will be amazed by Iranian hospitality .

You wont ever think you are in a strange and dangerous country. In conclusion ,Iran is country that has a lot to see and to experience therefore travelling to Iran must be a great choice for those who love to experience something different

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