travel to iran

travel to iran

  • Pink -Colored Tiles

    Pink -Colored Tiles

  • A Masterpiece of Persian Garden in the Heart of Desert

    A Masterpiece of Persian Garden in the Heart of Desert

  • One of Persia's Best Preserved Urban Caravanserais

    One of Persia's Best Preserved Urban Caravanserais

Travel to Iran

Steeped in history, culture, and nature, Iran is home to a wealth of attractions and things to do and see. Diversity of climates, ethnics, dialects, customs and traditions make this country much stunning to visit so it might be hard to find out which places should be your priority.

Between the nature, history, and culture, there’s no shortage of wonderful places to explore in Iran. If you’re putting together an itinerary, you may have a difficult  time deciding just which places to include, but don't worry! Set your mind at ease with us!

Good to know that in Persiana Travel and Tourism website has written a list of best things to do and see in Iran. Furthermore, we offer the combination of quality accommodations, well-experienced tourist guides, immersive and specific itineraries and lots of options for every budget and travel style.

Misconceptions about Iran

Travel to Iran has increased in recent years, and although some tourists may still be unsure about visiting, those fears soon disappear once they arrive. There are lots of common misconceptions about traveling to Iran. Most people believe that Iran is unsafe, Due to political reasons and the way that the mass media shows. But once traveler arrive to Iran they find out that the reality is quite different. Iran is a safe country. Petty theft is rare, and violent crime is near non-existent. However, don’t forget about travel security and safety considerations while you’re abroad. It’s always essential to take any common sense safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings as you travel anywhere, but you will soon find that you’re quite alright in Iran.

Another misconception is that western people are disliked by Iranians! This is also because of negative propaganda against Iran. Contrary to popular belief Iranians love foreign visitors to their country, and that Iranian hospitality you’ve heard so much about is visible because most people shake hands to you or want to approach you and say hello or welcome you.

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