Isfahan’s souvenirs

Isfahan is one of the most important tourism hubs in Iran in terms of souvenirs. Many tourists and travelers always travel to this amazing city to buy valuable stuffs for their families. In this article, Persiana Travel and Tourism Agency group want to provide complete information about Isfahan’s souvenirs.

All kinds of souvenirs of Isfahan

We all know that Isfahan is one of the most popular touristic cities of Iran and every year, especially during Nowruz, a large number of Iranian and foreign families travel to Isfahan to not only visit this land but also buy some souvenirs. So why Isfahan?  Isfahan is called the city of Iranian handicraft and traditional arts and one of the exciting things about this city is the food and souvenirs of it. Isfahan’s delicious foods and traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as its historical and natural beauties are famous globally.

Tourists and travelers go to the bazaars and shopping malls to buy Isfahan’s souvenirs, in addition to seeing the city’s sights. Isfahan’s souvenirs and handicrafts can be divided into two parts: edible souvenirs and Isfahan handicrafts. No one knows which category is better. Edible souvenirs are less expensive than handicrafts, but they are less durable. so, you can choose one of them or even both to buy.  The most important and famous food souvenirs of Isfahan are turmeric, flakes, candies, honey, cereal, rice sweets, fluffy sweets, nutmeg and sohan.

Isfahan’s most famous handicraft souvenirs include enameling, inlay work, pen fabrics, tapestry, tile making, crochet, decorative stitching and engraving. Of course, it should not be overlooked that some items in the list of souvenirs of Isfahan, in other cities of the country are also known as souvenirs of that city, but the difference may be in the type of preparation, raw materials used or production method. The price of Isfahan’s souvenirs, especially its food souvenirs, is very reasonable. In the following, we intend to introduce all these souvenirs to help you to get familiar with amazing souvenirs of Isfahan.

Edible Isfahan’s souvenirs

Shopping for souvenirs is one of the most exciting parts of traveling. By buying souvenirs, we share the sweet memories of the trip with our friends and relatives. In Isfahan, you have many choices to buy souvenirs. From a variety of sweets and delicious snacks to the best handicrafts that you can rarely find in Iran. In the following, we will introduce the best souvenirs of Isfahan city and province. Gaz of Isfahan dates back to several hundred years ago. In fact, Gaz dates back to 450 years ago and is the most important souvenir of Isfahan. This delicious dessert is made from a substance called turmeric.

After Gaz, one of the most famous sweets and edible souvenirs of Isfahan is Poolaki. This product is very popular not only among tourists, but also among locals. Flakes are from the candy family and because they look thin and transparent like flakes, they are also called flakes. Flakes are prepared with various flavors, including saffron, pistachio, coconut, sesame, cocoa, lemongrass, mint, honey and ginger. If you are looking for a unique and delicious souvenir in the list of Isfahan’s souvenirs, Isfahan Beershtok sweets are an excellent choice. The taste and aroma of this sweet is unique.

It is prepared with wheat flour, chickpea flour, solid oil, cardamom powder, sugar powder, egg whites and pistachio slices. Doogh and gushfil are other delicious souvenirs of Isfahan. This combination may seem a little strange at first glance, but it is not. Just try once to become a customer. The dough is not too salty, it is slightly sour instead. If you want to bring Doogh and Gushfil as souvenirs of Isfahan, it is not a difficult task. Pour the doogh into a bottle and put the Gushfil in the pastry box and that’s it!

Handicrafts as Isfahan’s souvenirs

Handicrafts as Isfahans souvenirs

Isfahan is the hub of Iranian handicrafts. The handicrafts and souvenirs of this city have a long history and are famous not only in Iran, but all over the world. The variety of handicrafts and souvenirs of Isfahan is so wide which give you a lot of choices to buy. In the following, we will get acquainted with some of them. Isfahan is the birthplace of the beautiful art of enameling. Today, this art has become one of the most important handicrafts and souvenirs in Isfahan. Domestic and foreign tourists welcome this beautiful art and buy beautiful enameled objects as gifts and souvenirs. Enameling is the art of decorating items, usually metal, with colored materials.

Khatamkari or art inlaying is another souvenir of Isfahan that is used by skilled Isfahani artists in the wood industry. This art is to put together small and triangular pieces of wood to create beautiful geometric shapes. Materials that are used in inlaying are camel bone, gold metal, silver, aluminum and brass and ebony woods. One of the most magnificent handicrafts of Iran is Ghalamkari cloth. It is a kind of fabric with some paintings which goes back to Ghaznavied Era. The designs in this cloth are similar to that in the tiles in the mosques and the carpets.

It can be called the art of printing on fabric, which can be stamped on ready-made fabrics such as linen, canvas and in different colors with ready-made wooden molds to create an extremely beautiful piece of fabric. It would be a precious souvenir for whom you love. Ghalamzani or metal working is a very famous souvenir of Isfahan. Graceful Persian patterns showcase themselves in full elegance on copper, brass, silver, and gold objects. Ghalamzani, the art of engraving these charming patterns on metal objects, is one of Iran’s most luxurious souvenirs of Isfahan.

Isfahan is called the city of Iranian handicraft and traditional arts. These works of art comprise a major portion of Iran exports, particularly to Europe. Khatamkari or inlay work (woodwork), engraving, Minakari (enamel work) are among the most prominent works of art and souvenirs in this city. This city is not famous for its handicrafts but also for its sweets and delicious snacks. Persiana Travel and Tourism Agency tries to give you a brief introduction of what to get as souvenirs in Isfahan